Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Character Class: Charismat

As mentioned, one of the unique aspects of the Mythology game is its character classes. Many of the classic classes are included: Soldier, Magician, Martial Artist and others. One of the more unusual types is the Charismat. This class has abilities which give the character personal influence and social power. In limited ways they can read the minds of others and also influence them. They are also the only class capable of performing the soul binding, a permanent telepathic and psychic connection with one other person.

Most of the skills, abilities, and level progressions for the classes have not yet been put into place. But I thought I would share an early sketch of this character class as a hint of how Mythology is going to go about giving each player something powerful and exciting which only they can do...

Class Option: Charismat

Charismats make use of the power of magic in order to enhance their political and persuasive power. They find that they can influence the minds of others directly by using the power of magic to form a temporary bridge between them. Charismats are also the only character class which is capable of mental bonding with other lifeforms. By literally sharing part of their mind, they can effect a permanent magical connection between their brain and another.

Some powerful and malicious charismats have even been known to do this against the will of other parties, possibly even without their knowledge. Many a powerful ruler has been truly terrified of the capacity of a charismat to infiltrate their inner chambers through mental powers alone.

Charismats may use their powers to calm their opponents, present a persuasive oratory to a crowd, or gain character insights into people. Charismats rapidly achieve positions of power due to their powers of influence and negotiation. Indeed, they make the most accomplished advisors and can be a powerful means of uniting a village, guild or party in working for the common good. Great things can be accomplished with one of these characters around to stir the spirit.

Not all charismats seek a life of politics and power. In combat, the charismat may use their powers to befuddle an enemy or read their intentions. Even beasts can be calmed or avoided through the use of mental powers. A charismat can also distract, confuse or befuddle an enemy, leaving them open to a more physical form of attack. Many charismats are reasonably accomplished duelists, and sometimes can be found leading warbands or outlaw groups. It has been rumoured that some even function as assassins, using their mental powers to avoid attention when stealth alone is not sufficient.


and that's the idea! I'm working on the specific skills and abilities for the character type, so send me any suggestions or requests and maybe it'll make it into the final game!

Until next time, may your gaming be excellent.

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